Open Critique
Series of curated critiques moderated by artists, open to the public.
Kimberly - Klark, Ridgewood & Kilroy Metal Ceiling, Clinton Hill
New York, NY

Open Critique at Kimberly-Klark, February 13, 2016
Open Critique at Kilroy Metal Ceiling, May 8, 2016

Open Critique initiated my interest in cultivating a social practice focused on the effects social media has on community building.

OC was an event series where a curated group of artists from an array of practices presented work in progress, with discussion led by a selection of moderators who were generally also artists from a variety of fields.

The idea was to create a space for artists to have work critiqued openly in a non-academic setting, with no price to entry. A large motivation for putting Open Critique together was to generate conversation about art offline in physical spaces where people could meet each other and build connections with each other’s work.

OC was a response to the specific pressures of posting about or commenting on work online, and the specific ways social media platforms hide the processes behind works on view.  Additionally, OC was an attempt to promote community building among artists living in similar networks and locales, who were not previously connected.